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In 1996 I began Adam Homan Fine Metal Sculpture with one idea in mind; to uplift the spirit of anyone who viewed my sculptures.  Twenty seven years and 7000 sculptures later I'm still blessed to do what I love.  I still see the smiles on people's faces and I live in gratitude for the opportunity to pour fun, beauty and whimsy into the world every day.  Thank you to all who have supported this journey!  Here are a few of my favorite sculptures to add beauty, inspiration and fun to your home or business. 

The Chubby Owls have brought so many smiles and joy...


The Free Woman reminds us of the spirit of freedom in us all.


The Self-Made Woman embodies feminine strength and determination!

Double Impact

Double Impact shows the power of two.

Dragon Hatchling

The Mearas brings the power and beauty of the horse to life.

Iron Humpback (Rockwell)

The majesty of the Iron Humpback is a tribute to the beauty of our wild and untamed planet.


And it is always imperative to do it all with heart.


The spirit of the Iron Dragon resides in all of us.


Empowered encourages us to conquer the seemingly impossible.

free woman

The Rising Angel inspires us to reach to a higher place.


The whimsy of The Photographer brings a grin to all.


The Making of the Self Made Woman

As always, imagination rules!

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