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     When Adam was six he went into the El Dorado Theater in Tucson, AZ, to see a movie called Star Wars.  When he walked out his life was changed forever.  "I remember needing to know how they made that movie.  I found books about the model makers, the creature shops and the visual efffects.  It was a moment in my life where I grasped the idea that you can create your own world and tune into other realities.  I did that in various ways growing up, but when I found steel I knew that it was the medium in which I would create my world. " Adam has been creating in steel for 20 years now and continues to expand his ever growing arsenal of sculputres.  His work has received many "best of show" awards and can be found in the homes  and businesses of some very impressive names, but this isn't important to Adam.  What is important is the process.




The Process


I begin each piece with a meditation where I close my eyes, clear my mind, breathe and listen.  Often I will see a distinct image of the piece come through, sometimes I hear a voice, and occasionally it’s both.  When I feel like I’m clear I begin working and let the piece flow through me.  The image and voice will continue to guide me until the sculpture is complete.  I can usually tell when it is complete because there is a distinct unified vibration.  With Metatron, the sculpture on the left,  the energy was so intense that I was only able to receive a small part of the image each day, so the sculpture took me four days to bring it together.  Also, the voice that came through was with me the entire time, 24hrs a day for four days!  The back of my head, where the spine goes into the skull, was literally vibrating.  The really cool thing about this is now I have the Metatron energy available to me to access at any time, and sometimes it will just come forth.   It is a distinct vibration and the energy is benevolent, cosmic, and expansive.  


Do  you have a being or entity that you'd like to have rendered in steel?  I'd love to bring it to life for you!


After creating literally thousands of sculptures over the years I've come to the realization that the joy is in the process, it's in the moment of creation where everything else melts away and you are able to connect to the energy of imagination.  It's also nice to have a great sculpture at the end, but that's just a product of the process.   I'm continuously humbled that people still enjoy , purchase, and collect my work.  I'm overwhelmed with gratitude for all of the amazing people that have supported me.  Thank you to my family, friends, clients, other artists, festival organizers, etc.  I will continue to pour myself into this creative process as long as there is excitement about it.  

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