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The Making of "Deconstructed Darth"

Most of my work is created from mild steel.  I start with solid rod steel and usually form some sort of skeletion or armature.  I then begin to fill in with found objects and cold roll sheet steel for body armor, hair, you name it.  I occasionally use copper, aluminum and stainless, but usually just for details.  I use a lot of  repurposed objects like motorcyle gears, chains, auto transmissions, parts out of old tools, old typewriters, old cash registers and on and on.  I'll take apart anything to see if there is something metal inside I can use.  As far as tools go I use a MIG wire feed welder, a plasma cutter, an oxy/acetelene torch, a myriad of hand held grinders, drills, and various bench mounted tools.   I spend a large amount of my time polishing and finishing my work to avoid oxidation and create a really clean look.  I use buff and blending pads to prep the surface and I clean it with acetone and burn off any residue.  An air gun blows off any remaining debris. Finally, I clear coat my work with either a powder coating or a laquer.  Flourescent fiber optics are added last.  These are special optics that are activated by ambient light and give a glow similar to an LED, except they don't need any power, just a spot with decent lighting.   Please check out my video to see this process in action.  Thanks!



Making of "Gun for Hire"

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